Emmy Brunner Coach

Hi, I'm Emmy Brunner

Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, CEO of The Recover Clinic, Speaker, Author of Find Your True Voice and Trauma Redefined.

I grew up with a strong survivors instinct. I was great at being successful and creating opportunities for myself but much of what I was did was driven by a need to keep myself safe. My personal relationships suffered and I felt permanently stressed and anxious. I embarked on a journey of healing and realised that in order to feel truly content and happy I needed to create a life for myself based on what made me feel joyful and passionate. I have since devoted my life to sharing my learnings with other women.

Fun Facts About Me

I currently live in Brighton with my husband, Thom and my daughters, Dixie and River.

I'm a die-hard Springsteen fan.

I love sushi, all things French, and have a penchant for hats.

Throughout my career, I have discovered remarkable patterns in the ways women are conditioned to respond to life challenges. It was this insight that inspired me to create a bespoke coaching program designed to empower and free you to fully step into your power, elevating you to your highest potential. I truly love sharing everything that I’ve learnt with other women and watching their lives transform in the most incredible ways.

In my one-to-one coaching, at my workshops, public speaking events and retreats, and through my clinic, I enable those fighting against themselves to find an inner peace that carries them through every life milestone and teaches people how to be completely themselves. Alongside this work, I have also built an Instagram community of over 38,000 followers through features such as Ask Emmy where I answer questions sent in; and The Sunshine Sessions where I’m joined by guests who are bringing love and light to other women. Recent guests include Great British Bake Off’s Steph Blackwell, Jonny Benjamin MBE, Hope Virgo and more. I'm also a regular contributor to sites such as The Journey.

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I founded The Recover Clinic 15 years ago and have since developed this into Europe's leading outpatient clinic and online recovery program offering dynamic and healing programs for women. Here, my incredible all-women team provide unique, tailored support for sufferers of trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more, which focus on the individual behind the illness, not just the physical symptoms or diagnosis - a holistic approach to the treatment of mental illness. For those unable to work with us privately, The Recover Clinic has developed a successful blog which aims to educate, nurture and bring a sense of hope, along with a highly engaged Instagram community of over 28,000 followers.

In 2019, I also released my debut e-book, Trauma Redefined – an easy-to-digest short read with a foreword by singer-songwriter, Gabrielle Aplin, designed to help you take control of your journey to better mental health. The book unpacks the role of unresolved trauma; providing practical advice on gaining context for the mental health issue facing you, teaching you how to identify unresolved trauma, and guiding you on your journey to addressing and healing the wounds of the past that are holding you back. All proceeds from the sales of the book go to organisations supported by The Brunner Project. I created The Brunner Project to provide essential information and financial support to some of the fantastic non-profits that are making mental health treatment more accessible, personal and open for everyone; the way it should be, such as Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma and Brighton Women’s Centre. To learn more about The Brunner Project, the non-profits we support, or to purchase my e-book, click here.

My first paperback coming May 2021!

In 2021, ‘Find Your True Voice’ will be published by Penguin Books and will be available from all major booksellers. It is the ultimate 11-step programme you need to identify and overcome unresolved trauma negatively impacting your mental health and preventing you from being the happiest version of yourself. In it, I use a combination of case studies, practical clinical advice from The Recover Clinic, and 11 simple recovery tools including meditation, vision boards, self-care tips, body-healing and future-self journaling to help you take your first steps towards recovery. For more information, visit my publisher's site.