Lockdown And The Law Of Attraction

Lockdown is one of those weird things, isn’t it? I feel so frustrated but on the other hand, I feel it’s been positive too. It’s given me time to slow down, to realise what’s most important and to reach out to other people who are not sure about how to progress with their lives. With time and space, more of us are doing just that – starting to reflect on how we were living our lives and the choices that we had made.

I have just started reading Matt Haig’s book, The Midnight Library and so much of how that opens with the sense of life’s regrets is so interesting to me because it’s something we’re all considering right now. The key thing that so many of us need to sit with is the sense of possibility that actually, each day and every moment is an opportunity for a shift, for change for growth, for you to take space and for you to realise the highest vision for yourself. That’s very difficult to do when we’ve got these really limiting views of ourselves and what might be possible for us but as soon as you can try to lift those limiting views and you’re able to have a clear landscape of anything and everything, then suddenly the future doesn’t seem so bleak and suddenly it feels as though whatever you might want could be within reach.

I’ve been thinking a lot about manifestation and the law of attraction. They’re both things I 100% believe in, but in many ways, they get kind of a bad rep. I think people believe it simply as if you believe something it will be and in a really simplified version, that’s true, but ultimately what it means is that our realities are created by our own belief systems so when we believe things are possible then we manifest those things into being.

To break that down for you to something a bit more relatable, when we go about our lives feeling we’re unlucky, we don’t get opportunities, life is really difficult, we are often blind to possibility and opportunity, new experiences, new relationships, because we’ve got those blinkers on which keep is in a negative place where we just don’t see these things. As soon as we start to believe that anything is possible and that shift change is available to all of us, then our heads are up, our eyes are open and we’re able to receive all of these different experiences. Suddenly, you realise your thoughts do create your reality because when we’ve created that shift in our mindset we are able to see and experience all of these different things which then change the reality of our experience of what it is to be alive and a human being.

So, absolutely, it is possible to manifest whatever it is that you want and the work really begins on shifting your own mindset and getting yourself into a place where you can overcome any limiting beliefs that you have and really channel your focus to get yourself into a kind of energy abundant flow where everything that you see and everything that you desire or want just becomes accessible to you. That is 100% part of the work that I do and it’s how I have chosen to live my life as well. It took a bit of work but once that shift happened, it was undeniable really.

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  1. O wow!You sound amazing.The different areas you ve mentioned certainly relate to me.How much do you charge?Im 50 on Jan 17th.My goal is to transform myself by then, i do realise its an on going achievement…

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