Future-Self Journaling

Future-Self Journaling

Each day you can give yourself time to follow a set of journaling prompts that are going to help you to manifest, imagine and invest faith in the future-self you are creating. Simply by giving yourself time to write and visualise a new future for yourself, you are more likely to achieve it. Our realities are formed from our own thoughts, and when we take positive action to consciously change our thoughts, we can manifest a new reality for ourselves.

Future-self journaling does not require a lot of time, but it does require some commitment from you to sit for approx. 10 minutes each day to focus your attention on a set of journal prompts. This process is about becoming fully conscious and making thoughtful and deliberate choices about your future, it takes consistent repetition for this to be fully impactful, so make a commitment to yourself today and make a start.



  1. Consider a pattern or behaviour that you want to change.For example: I want to prioritise my self-care
  2. Write affirmations or statements that will enable you to achieve this.For example: I deserve to take care of myself
  3. Write down how you will be able to practice these new behaviours in daily life.For example: I will take self-care actions of meditation, exercise and journaling as the most important tasks of each day.

After you have completed step 1, you don’t need to complete it again for at least 30 days or until you successfully see change. Then you can introduce a new pattern that you want to challenge.



  1. My Daily AffirmationI deserve to take care of myself.
  2. Today I will focus on shifting my pattern to…Today I will shift my pattern to be more complimentary towards others.
  3. I am grateful for…I am grateful for my willingness to commit to change. My husband, my dogs, my home.
  4. The person I am becoming will experience more…The person I am becoming will experience more joy, abundance, and physical peace.
  5. I have an opportunity to be my future self today when I…I have an opportunity to be my future self today when I commit to carrying out my self-care exercises.
  6. When I think about who I am becoming I feel…When I think about who I am becoming I feel empowered and hopeful.


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