An 8-Week Journey to Awaken Your Soul,
Reconnect With Your True Self & Transform Your Life


  • Feel ashamed, guilty or undeserving of love/success
  • Play small and hold back from what you truly want
  • Feel as though you are not fulfilling your potential
  • Have an internalised sense of inferiority + lack self-belief
  • Find yourself in relationships that never seem to work out
  • Live in a state of hypervigilance and anxiety
  • Feel frightened of being 'found out' or of being you
  • Struggle to articulate your needs or set boundaries
  • Feel like a child; unable to cope
  • Know that there could/should be something more

2020 highlighted something really powerful to me.  So many high achieving women that I’ve spoken to recently have described how powerful being forced to stop has been, but in stopping, they’ve connected with a sense that something is missing but aren’t sure where to go from there. On the face of it, they could be doing well at their careers or have families they adore, but there is something stifling their joy.

The way that we connect with one another, the way that we work and what we want and value has shifted massively. Doubt has crept into every aspect of our lives, from fleeting thoughts: Did that joke come out more cutting than witty? Or to more consistently nagging aches: “am I spending enough time with my children?”. The plans that we once had for our careers, love and future happiness are now all up for scrutiny. This is your time to reconnect with your true self, overcome negative thoughts and harmful coping tools you've been holding onto, refine your ultimate purpose, ignite your passions, improve your personal and professional relationships and transcend into a more focused and awakened self.

I have developed a powerful and transformative 8-week program which will give you the opportunity to shift mindsets and behaviours that are no longer working for you and inspire a new way of living and being. Through my clinical learnings, personal experience and spiritual teachings, this evolutionary and expansive program will empower you with the knowledge, skills and insight to transform the quality of your life and allow you to embrace a more inspired state of being. 


  • Nurture a compassionate, accepting relationship with yourself
  • Identify trauma responses and challenge limiting beliefs in a safe space
  • Develop advanced strategies for self-care and practises for healing
  • Lean into resistance to what's familiar and make transformative shifts
  • Establish relationships (personal + professional) based on respect
  • Become conscious and awakened, and begin to trust your intuition
  • Confidently be your true self, find your purpose and own your power


Live sessions will be held on Monday's and Thursday's at 1pm GMT.

All of these will be recorded so you can catch up in your own time and
you will have lifetime access to all of the content.


How does the critical (unwell) voice manifest and become mindful

Week commencing: 25th January 2021


Life scripts and limiting beliefs

Week commencing: 1st February 2021


Nurturing your inner child and
developing self-care strategies

Week commencing: 8th February 2021


Integration week

Week commencing: 15th February 2021


What is your highest purpose?

Week commencing: 22nd February 2021


Connecting with your spiritual self

Week commencing: 1st March 2021


Manifesting your future

Week commencing: 8th March 2021


Going forward

Week commencing: 15th March 2021

PLUS, in response to demand, I'm also going to be doing an additional module for those who want / need it, specifically focusing on eating disorder recovery.




  • Weekly live sessions with Emmy on Zoom
  • Daily meditations
  • Weekly empowerment activities to put
    your learning into practise
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Emmy to ensure
    full learning and connection
  • A private Facebook Group for support
    and accountability (optional)


  • Weekly live sessions with Emmy on Zoom
  • Daily meditations
  • Weekly empowerment activities to put
    your learning into practise
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Emmy to ensure
    full learning and connection
  • A private Facebook Group for support
    and accountability (optional)
  • 1 x one-to-one with Emmy (worth £900)
  • Personalised personal strategy plan

Early-Birds and VIPs also get all of these BONUSES...


EFT (Tapping) for success session with Emmy's colleague, Sarah Tobin


An opportunity for you to get your questions answered directly by Emmy


And you'll get a signed copy of Emmy's brand new book, Find Your True Voice


Emmy Brunner is a Personal Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, CEO, Author and Speaker with more than 20 years of experience in both the business and clinical worlds.

Emmy believes that we’ve all experienced trauma in our lives and that what we refer to now as ‘mental illness’ is actually our response to those traumas with my clinical work framed by this belief. Her focus today is upon working with dynamic and ambitious women whom she inspires and empowers to reconnect with their true selves.

By cultivating a compassionate relationship with ourselves we are able to step into our power and create a mindset that expects and generates success. Emmy combines this with spiritually and strategically focused tactics to elevate you to your highest self.

Where to find Emmy: Website | Instagram | Twitter


What is your refund policy?
Once the course begins I'm unable to offer refunds, however extenuating circumstances will be reviewed individually. However, I do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for those who haven't found it valuable after completing the program and doing the work.

I have a question, how can I get in touch?
You can reach me/my team before, during and after the program by emailing us.

Do I need anything for the program?
Just yourself, Zoom (if you're joining us live) and a journal to make notes.

What happens after I sign up?
Once the payment has processed/your payment plan is set up, you'll receive a welcome email with all of the information you'll need. If you haven't received this (and it's not in your junk folder), please
email us.