Emmy Brunner Recovery Coaching

Get ready to experience a journey of empowerment of the self and step into the life that you are meant to live.

I am your personal empowerment and transformation coach. A respected clinician, author and spiritually focused entrepreneur, I specialise in supporting your spiritual and personal growth so that you are able to build abundant businesses/excel in your creative career/develop as an entrepreneur and manifest the life of your dreams. You can expect to feel lighter, clearer, focused and more connected than ever before.

Is something inside you calling for you to be more than you currently are?

Is there something missing but you can’t quite figure out what it is?

On the face of it, you are winning at life and when asked you will tell people how well everything is going.

But we know there is something more going on.

So many of us have spent too long surviving and achieving that we’ve lost connection with our authentic selves.

We have become so good at presenting who people expect us to be, that we no longer know who we really are.

This is an opportunity to take action and realise your highest vision for yourself and to integrate your feminine power into your work and your world.

I will teach you how to awaken your most empowered self so that you are able to show up for yourself and connect in a way that you have never known.

We will cultivate an intimacy with your core self that will allow you to connect with what inspires joy and passion in your life.

Are you ready to see who you really are?

You are amazing... it’s time to shine.


I have spent over 20 years developing and growing my own businesses and I have learnt a huge amount along the way…first and foremost I know how important it is to enjoy the ride and that YOU and your contribution to the world is hugely valuable. I developed my coaching model to include everything that I’ve learnt as a clinician but have also drawn on my own personal experiences and insights to create bespoke plans for people who need and deserve something exceptional.

I’ve coached and worked therapeutically with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, influencers, athletes and creatives, and what I know is that success isn’t only an inside job; mindset is vital but it needs to be combined with inspired strategies to ensure the best results.  I will teach you that by cultivating a compassionate relationship with ourselves we are able to step into our power and create a mindset that expects and generates success. Together we combine this with spiritually and strategically focused tactics to elevate you to your highest self.

I work with no more than 6 clients at a time and love to work with people who are determined, ambitious and action-oriented. 

What My Clients Are Saying

“I really was quite broken in my first session — my mum had just died, I had ended a 20-year marriage and also was just about to lose my business.  I couldn’t really see a way out and the patterns of behaviour I used to cope seemed like a trap I couldn’t escape from. I got more from the work that I did with Emmy than I did from four years of therapy. It was empowering and life-changing. Emmy has given me simple tools that I still use every single day that build on the work we did and make me feel like I am the one driving my own life; like I am not reliant on a therapist. That’s what I liked, the coaching was designed to help me take control, rather than expecting the therapist to do it for me. Now I am more confident and happy and my friends have noticed the changes in me. I have found a new trust in and love for myself too. I even have these moments of joy that come at me seemingly out of nowhere. That’s thanks to the work I did with Emmy. It was the best money I have ever spent.” - Anna


“Investing in my wellbeing was the single most empowering thing I've done and, looking back, I wouldn't choose to embark on that journey with anyone other than Emmy. Within such a short space of time, my experience with her has truly changed my life. Six months later and I feel like a very different person - whilst at the same time feeling more myself than ever. Thank you Emmy for teaching me how to be brave, how to reconnect and how to begin the journey of loving myself unconditionally.” - JoJo M

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