I have used vision boards in my own life for the last ten years and I can attribute much of what I’ve achieved to my commitment to this powerful tool. A vision board is a sacred space where you are able to visualise all of your dreams and desires.  I believe that our lives are a reflection of our internal worlds and if we want our lives to change…then we have to focus our intention on creating a more positive and abundant thought system. The best way to achieve our goals is to keep them in mind so that we are always conscious of creating opportunities to realise our dreams.

I like to think of human beings as magnets – we attract events, circumstances and opportunities. We do this with the power of our thoughts and our intention. Creating a vision board allows our subconscious mind to explore different ways of achieving our goals and desires and acts as a powerful motivation tool to inspire us. When we put our boards up somewhere we can see them on a daily basis and are giving ourselves regular exposure to the power of visualisation.

When I’m working on a vision board I tend to divide my space up into the following categories:

-My values and beliefs






-Personal development

-Material objects

I then collect images and phrases that capture what I’m hoping to work towards or what inspires me. This might be quite literal – for example, if I wanted a new car then I’d put an image or the car that I wanted on my vision board. Or it could be something more motivational, like an image of another woman that inspires me. The purpose of your vision board is to bring these things into your life, so there are no ‘rules’ and you can’t get it wrong. The most important thing about your vision board is that when you look at it, it makes you feel good.

My final tip for your vision board is to make a note of the date it was created on the back and to do a new one every 6-12 months…keep your old boards and you’ll be able to look back and see all of your hopes and dreams come to fruition!

 Emmy x


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