It’s not until you’ve lost your luggage that you realise how important your carry on is! This is my must-have list for all of my carry-on luggage whenever I’m travelling. I use a backpack when I’m off on my adventures. I’ve just discovered this new navy leather one and I’m addicted! Having a backpack leaves my hands free to manage the kids but I also squeeze loads more in than my regular handbag!

Bits and Bobs:

– Folder for all your travel docs: flight info, passport, visas, hotel info, local map, emergency contact info.

– Eye mask: I like to use something super soft so that I can catch some Zzzz’s given half a chance!

– Cashmere socks: my tootsies always get super chilly on flights so these are a must have for me!

– Books: I never really know what I’m going to be in the mood for when I’m travelling so I’ll always pack one fiction novel and one for self-development. Check out my book club to see what I’m loving at the moment.

– Journal and pen: My head is always buzzing with thoughts and ideas and travelling is a great opportunity to get everything I’m thinking about down on paper. Journaling is also a great tool for keeping those anxiety demons at bay!

– Warm jumper: Flying is a chilly business so I always make sure that I have something oversized and cosy to snuggle up in

– Flip flops: these are super light to carry and you’ll be grateful for them if you touchdown somewhere hot & sweaty!

– Sunglasses: My Wayfarers go with everything and are super light & comfy so I always pack these.


– Macbook: My Mac has lots of my fave shows & movies downloaded on it but it’s also where I do a lot of my writing. I don’t always want to work whilst I’m travelling but it can be a good time to thrash out something if the mood strikes you!

– Headphones: I have really little ears (it’s weird!) and so in-ear headphones are only an option for short travel times. If I’m on a flight then I use over-ear noise-cancelling headphones which are super comfy.

– Phone: This never leaves my side… I’m a music fiend and will no doubt spend a good portion of my journey listening to a new record. Check out my music mood-shifter blog for tune recommendations.

– Chargers: Make sure that you have your phone and Macbook chargers. Nothing worse than something running out of juice!

Beauty and Body:

– Pitrok Crystal Deodorant: No nasties please! I haven’t used antiperspirant for years, a small price to pay for good boob health!

– Andrex Wipes: these are ace for freshening up, wiping sticky fingers and basically making me feel human again after an 11 hour flight!

– Toothbrush & toothpaste: I love bicarb toothpaste and always pack my travel-size.

– Basic make up: I like to travel either totally make up free and then put some basics on before I land or I remove all make up after taking off. My make-up basics are the SeaMagik BB Cream, Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat concealer, Stay Perfect No.7 mascara & a Nivea lip balm.

– Make up remover: I’ve used the Sea Magik cleanser & toner for years and my skin suffers if I ever forget, so I now decanter a small amount for travelling.

– Face mask: I love the EveLom gel mask and a long haul flight is a great chance to slap it on and leave it to soak in.

– Moisturiser. Flying can be really dehydrating for skin and so a good moisturiser is vital. I use Spa Find Renewed Radiance Deep Sea Nourishment Intensive Day/Night Cream.

– Tangle teaser: I have super fine blonde hair and a tangle teaser is the most gentle option for my tangled locks.

– Hair bands: I pack at least 3 of these because I like to travel with my hair up. I usually twist freshly washed hair into a high bun so that it still looks perky after we’ve landed.


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