What do you do if you are somebody who wants to heal mentally/emotionally and for whatever reason it is difficult for you?

Maybe you don’t have the money to get a therapist.

Maybe the area you live in is so badly resourced.

Maybe you don’t have any family or friends around you to support you.

It is very easy in those situations to feel so helpless and hopeless and when you do have a very strong critical voice in your head, that critical voice will use those sets of circumstances to convince you that there is no point in trying and that things are never going to change. Actually, that’s not always the case, because when we become a bit empowered and start to have a bit of faith, things can be different. That’s quite often the first step that you need to start facilitating change.


When somebody goes into a therapy situation, essentially our role as a therapist is to help them identify the obstacles that are between them and the goals that they want to achieve.

You might not be able to see a therapist who can help you do that but if you think back to what those obstacles are, you can start to think about what was in your way.


There are so many resources available to you where you can draw on the advice and guidance of lots of different clinical minds and piece together your own treatment strategy.

It does not replace having a trained therapist to help you but you can make great strides and progress in doing this. I didn’t have a lot of resources when I went into recovery and I found that reading was an absolute crutch that I relied on to help me figure out who I was and to educate myself about the patterns and some of the negative dysfunctions that were in my life that I wanted to change. YOU CAN DO THE SAME.

No matter what area you live in, you are always going to find like-minded individuals and although that is really challenging if you are in a remote space, seek out support groups/communities of people who think and understand the way you feel. This could be online or in your local area. One of the reasons why Instagram and social media in general are so popular is because we all like to feel a connection with other people who are going through the same things and those people are out there. YOU ARE NOT ALONE even though it feels like that sometimes.


The final thing I want to leave you with, if you are one of those people who are struggling to find the support that you need, is that I really believe our world is a manifestation of what we think and what we believe.

If we believe that we are never going to get better and it’s all hopeless then our world will reflect that. If we can start to have a bit of faith and conviction in who we are, start to feel empowered, take back some of that control in our lives and actually recognise it is down to us if we want things to change, then we have got to make it happen and start to believe that we are capable of doing things.

If you can have that bit of hope and faith, and also surround yourself with positive things then you can become empowered and start to heal.


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