About Emmy

Hi, I’m Emmy Brunner, a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Recovery Coach and Entrepreneur with more than 15 year’s experience in trauma and mental illness.

I empower women to lead bigger, bolder lives. I enable those fighting against themselves to find an inner peace that carries them through every life milestone. I teach people how to be completely themselves; free to explore, to love and to fail.

I am the CEO of The Recover Clinic – the UK’s leading Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder outpatient service, and the only outpatient clinic in Europe that provides tailored treatment. My unique approach focuses on the individual behind the illness, not just the physical symptoms.

I am also the founder of WomanToWoman, a social enterprise that promotes an empowered community of women that support one another through talk, action and mentorship and provides help for women with mental health issues.

Throughout my career, I have discovered remarkable patterns in the ways women are conditioned to respond to trauma and life-challenges. I’m devoted her life to sharing my learning with sufferers and have created an approach to the treatment of mental illness that aims to empower individuals and help them strive for holistic balance.

Emmy Brunner Bio